People on the move are often arrested and imprisoned for driving boats bringing people to Europe. They are accused of human smuggling, often without access to adequate legal assistance, information about their basic rights, or any form of support. The ‘Captain Support’ Network is a platform in solidarity with those accused of driving the boats to Europe, and to connect them to local support networks and lawyers. You can reach out for support by sending us a private message. Activists and volunteers will reply by providing helpful information and connecting people to lawyers and social support if needed.

What is Captain Support?

Over the past years, all over the EU and its externalised borders, thousands of people have been arrested and put on trial for exercising freedom of movement or for facilitating it. This process of criminalisation is the systematic result of racist laws and bordering practices, and it often affects the lives of criminalised people all over their lifetime.

❗️If you or a friend or a family member has been arrested on the charges of “facilitating illegal immigration”, contact the Captain Support network via Facebook and Instagram to ask for adequate legal assistance and support.



The criminalisation of people on the move is too often invisible, and their voices are silenced through detention and imprisonment. This invisibilisation and silencing allows the authorities of the EU and it’s Member States’ to further violate their rights and to exercise the worst violence on them, even after their release.

Nine Egyptian survivors were arrested and charged with smuggling, aggravated by the deaths of passengers, causing a shipwreck, irregular entry, and forming and membership of a criminal organization.

In Malta, three African teenagers stand accused of terrorism.

Homayoun Sabetara, a migrant fleeing Iran, was arrested by Greek authorities in Thessaloniki after having driven a vehicle across the Turkish-Greek border.

Decriminilize Facilitation

As a group of activists based mostly in Europe, we stand in solidarity with all the people criminalised for facilitating freedom of movement, and towards all the people on the move.

Captain Support

This video informs about European practices to criminalize people for driving boats to Europe and about the rights of the accused and the other passengers.

Update and News

Toronto: SOS by Ann Hirsch & Jeremy Angier - 25 figures cling to inner tubes on the water, each figure represents more than one million refugees in the world.

Solidarity to all the people criminalised for smuggling, for facilitating freedom of movement, and for solidarity towards people on the move